Critics Quotes What they said about Burn.............possibly!


"Burn are the best band we've heard in years" - Hemel Gazette

"Listening to Burn is better than sex!" - A Fan

"Johnny Heywood is a fantastic singer" - His Mum

"Rob Sas is God" - Dani Sas

"Ross Elder is better than Ringo" - Gene Krupa

"Sas makes Yngwie look slow" - Ritchie Blackmore

"Burn are this years new Boy Band" - Royal Soc. for the Blind

"Rob re-creates the original solo exactly, albeit with different notes" - Johnny

"Johnny can be the singer..till we get a real one" - Rob Sas

"I'll never work with Elly again" - anonymous

"I never saw the need for bass in a band" - Rob Sas

"Of all Burn's drummers, Ross is definitely one of them" - Fox & Hound

"The best band ever ...hic, burp" - Landlord, The Minge & Beaver

"Burn are just as famous as Zeppelin, it's just that not as many people have heard of them" - Tina Perrot (fan)

"Ross Elder displays the range of his talent all the way from A to B" - Wheeltappers & Social

"I'll play any type of music at all - from Deep Purple to Rainbow" - Rob Sas

"That Ian Paice - I didn't underestimate him, but he was better than I thought he'd be" - Ross Elder

"Just cos they're not clapping doesn't mean they aren't enjoying it" - Burn

"Rob Sas is the man who put the Lech into Lechlade" - Womens Lib Movement

"You can't have too many strings" - Johnny Heywood

"YOU can!" - Rob Sas

"It's incredible how Rob can fit a heavy rock solo into pop, soul or reggae" - Beethoven

"One Man's Meatloaf is another man's Poison" - Rob Sas

"I'd rather be doing a nice Summer Season in cabaret" - Ross Elder

"I hate the singing bit between the guitar solo's" - Rob Sas

"Johnny couldn't find his bollox in his Y-fronts" - Anonymous Guitarist

"You're not qualified to slag me!" - Ross Elder

"Your bass is making me physically sick." - Rob Sas